Faux Rocks!

The men from Monolithic have arrived bearing rocks. Experts in the field of artificial rock sculpting, we have contracted them to create granite spires within the museum, on which we will have historic and modern climbing mannequins.

Their process is quite interesting (following the photographs): (1) A scale model (12" tall) is created at their studios in Boulder, and then a full scale model is cut to mimic that design. (2) Much like puzzle pieces, the rocks are reassembled on site. No, they are not that heavy, but they serve as a great core material over which to spray concrete, which can then be further sculpted to mimic the rock of choice. (3) Two spires are being built, one of which is much taller and will represent a mixed face of rock and ice. This is where visitors will see the modern climber ascending. (4) The joints are filled with special foam in preparation for the spraying of concrete. That will happen in a month's time.

Meanwhile, we anxiously await the modeling and installation of the crevasse.


International Attention

As the construction of the museum gears up, so too does our marketing campaign. Many thanks go to Tamotsu Nakamura, Editor of the Japanese Alpine News, for getting us a mention in Volume 8 (May 2007) of that acclaimed journal. Be on the lookout for other articles and essays in your favorite climbing magazines and journals in the coming months.


Construction, Day 52: The Mezzanine

The real building has begun.

The mezzanine, which will eventually serve as the entrance to the museum, as well as the visitors' first experience of the mountain-like environment, has begun to take shape.

The structure was welded together and the concrete slab was poured last week. Next steps include building the arching staircase that will take visitors over the crevasse feature of the entrance, and down to the level of the museum, into the self-selecting gallery. This format allows visitors to go anywhere they please, at their own pace.

Keep watch for more photos of that phase of construction as they are sure to be exciting.


New Artifacts

Artifacts keep coming to us here at the museum. Some of the details have yet to be worked out on major acquisitions, but no less important are the treasures that people come across when they're cleaning out their garage.

This 10th Mountain Division tent came to us recently, and so we set it up outside of the AMC to give it some fresh air. The label reads "Dickey Mfg. 1943."

We'll keep you posted with more news on acquisitions as they become final. And keep checking back with us here as images of the construction of the mezzanine are soon to appear.

And if you uncover any treasures in your garage, be sure to let us know. Contact information is available to the right.