Slow, But Faster Than Nature

The process of turning Styrofoam blocks into faux rocks has been a long one. Still, it is faster than waiting for nature.

Behind giant curtains of plastic, the artists from Monolithic have been spraying concrete, carving, and sand-blasting to create granite formations with great detail. Soon enough, the process will be completed with some paint, faux ice, and other final touches. Then, the curtain will be raised on one of the most exciting attributes of the mountain environment of the museum.


Bradford Washburn: The Legacy Lives On

Bradford Washburn defined what it was to be a pioneer. From his early years of climbing, to his passion for photography, to his lifelong pursuits of cartography and the advancement of science, he epitomized what it was to humbly lead and educate. We honor his legacy and accomplishments here at the American Mountaineering Museum, and hope to carry on his pioneering spirit.

His travels to Alaska are what defined him. For over 60 years he visited the last frontiers of the state, climbing Denali multiple times, photographing its ramparts from every angle. He and his wife, Barbara, were always by each other's side.

This shortened video clip gives you more detail into the life of this man, his passions, and, perhaps, into the reasons why we chose his name to grace the title of our museum.