THIN AIR: An Exhibit on Altitude and Oxygen

The museum has been closed due to weather the past two days, but we are still preparing for our new exhibit coming in next week. THIN AIR: An Exhibit on Altitude and Oxygen starts next week, with the official opening reception to be scheduled soon!

MOUNTAINEERING takes grit. It takes tenacity. It takes energy. And, it also takes another fuel - OXYGEN. For centuries, mountaineers have been climbing higher. Beyond the physical endurance that it takes to reach these heights, there is the constant battle against ALTITUDE.
Whenever you go higher, you lose more and more of that crucial fuel: OXYGEN. The relationship between altitude, oxygen, energy, endurance and the climber can mean the difference between success and failure...or life and death!
What is THIN AIR? What happens to our bodies as we go up in elevation? What are scientists learning about the effects of altitude on our bodies and minds, and on those who call the high peaks their home?
When did mountaineers first use OXYGEN to climb mountains? How have they progressed? Is the use of oxygen considered a climbing aid, a performance-enhancing drug?
The answers are at the American Mountaineering Museum in THIN AIR: An exhibit on Altitude and Oxygen.


YETi Night

We had a great Thirsty 3RD Thursday this month with YETI Night! Huge thank you to UPSlOPE BREWING for providing the brew, Atomic Prado for providing the music, Sherpa's for giving away a free dinner and discounts, Lhakpa for telling us about Yeti's in Nepal, CMC Youth Education Program for helping out with the little YETI's, American Alpine Club Library for helping with the mask making, and YETI COOLERS for providing some great prizes!

Thank you to all of our patrons for bringing books for the Magic Yeti Library in Nepal, and supporting the Museum!


New Exhibit Items

Recently the American Mountaineering Museum acquired some exciting new items. Jim Whittaker's Everest summit boots made their way here and are now on display in the Whittaker case on the museum floor! These huge rugged LOWA boots are pretty amazing weighing in at about 3 lbs each! Whittaker will be at the museum this Friday October 23rd for an Eddie Bauer presentation and Mountainfilm tour! Don't miss it! Click here for details!

We also received a film cassette from Bradford Washburn's huge Fairchild camera. This 10 lb beauty will be on display in the hallway case just outside of the museum in the coming month. As I hold the 10lb cassette, I can only imagine what wonderful photos were taken from it and how heavy the main Fairchild camera was as he hung out of that plane! 50 lbs!

Come on by and check out these great new items on display!!