Undressing a Legend

It took three young men to get one "Big Jim" out of his glass home in the museum.

The headline says it all. On June 26, we undressed Jim Whittaker--right in front of museum visitors. Well, it was really just a mannequin, so we didn't learn much about Jim. But, his clothing and gear are being sent to New York City and The Explorers Club to celebrate the 45th anniversary of his historic first American ascent of Mt. Everest.

The clothes will return soon, and we'll be able to dress the legend once again.

Taking the pants off a legend. Our apologies, Jim.


All New Summer Exhibits

The summer is upon us, and we have all new exhibits at the museum! As previously mentioned, the Views of the Himalaya photography exhibit is up in the halls of the American Mountaineering Center. Many of the images from famed photographers like Galen Rowell and Beth Wald are for sale, with the proceeds benefiting the dZi Foundation, an organization that aids in the revitilization of small villages in Nepal.

Our Mountains Gifts exhibit has been hung, and the lithographs and engravings look exceptional. We have expanded the show to include such things as a traditional Nepali robe worn during the Mani Rimdu festival. Come check it out.

Finally, through the generosity of Jerry Gallwas, we are able to show artifacts and images from the first ascent of Half Dome in 1957, as well as climbing equipment from famed climber and blacksmith John Salathe. Come see these exhibits just outside the doors of the museum.