More Fab Pics!

Construction of the museum continues to move along steadily here in Golden. Meanwhile, at the design studios of Quatrefoil in Maryland, pieces of the museum are being fabricated. Here are some more photos of the fabrication process of the reader rails.


Moving Mountains

As you may know, we will prominently feature a very large model of Mt. Everest in the new museum. Fourteen feet square, the model was crafted using aerial images and maps created by a team under Bradford Washburn.

You may have seen the model in the past, as it was on display at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science some years ago. Since that time, it has been in the care of the American Alpine Club. Today, we handed the model over to Condit, a three-dimensional marketing specialist that will help us to restore the model in preparation for its installation in the museum.

The four sections of the model were in storage and needed to be brought to Condit's studios in Denver. Today, we literally moved mountains.