Pre-construction photos

Here are some images which show the current state of the gymnasium where the exhibit hall will be built. This is the same gym where Bill Calmette of the CMC played basketball in junior high school.

A bit of history about the space: It was built in 1923 and was the first concrete construction of its kind in Colorado. The ceiling of the gym doubles as the floor of the auditorium above. When the time comes, some of the beam structure of the ceiling will have to be moved to make room for the mezzanine and entrance way of the museum.


The gym, looking towards the South wall. Here, visitors will enter the exhibit hall on a mezzanine level and proceed down a crevasse to the main level.

From above. This is the perspective that visitors will have when they first enter the museum, on the level of the mezzanine. The blue tape outlines were preliminary outlines for exhibits and displays.

A detail from the wall of the gym. It reads, "Nothing soars as high or as proud as an eagle."

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