Construction, Day 27: From the Ground Up

The new concrete floor is now in place, smooth as can be. In less than a day we went from a wire mesh base to an inches-thick slab, courtesy of ABS Concrete. And for those who missed it, I'll now walk you through the process.

(1) Thick concrete was brought in by hose to the floor. I didn't bring my rubber boots so I left the trudging to the experts. Notice the wire mesh that was put down before pouring began. (2) Everything from two-by-fours to shovels were used to smooth out the thick stuff. (3) Then the "super-long smoothing device" (ed.) was used to bring a smoothness to the surface layer. (4) Finally, it came down to working on hands and knees, literally sliding across the surface of the already hardening concrete, to put the finishing touches on the floor.

Too bad it will all get covered up.

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