To Build a Crevasse

Frank Ayala and the others from Monolithic Sculpture, Inc. have really outdone themselves this time. The crevasse they were hired to make has been a much anticipated part of the construction of the museum, and it is finally under way. Not only that, it is a work of art, and a time consuming one at that. The same construction method was used for the crevasse as was earlier employed for the creation of the faux rock formations. This time, however, it was the shape and space that the styrofoam and concrete structure had to fit into that made it such a compelling piece to watch take form.

Here are some of the more intriguing photos from the process. Soon, we'll be able to show you the final piece. Then comes the installation of exhibits, as Quatrefoil has already begun to pack up the prefabricated pieces in its workshops in Maryland and drive them to Golden. The transformation from construction zone to museum hall will be fast, and amazing.

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