Promises Kept

I was in my first week at the museum, more than a year ago, when I first asked Nina to climb the climbing wall at the AMC.

"HA! Are ya kiddin' me?" she would say. If you haven't met Nina, it is hard to describe the look of disbelief with which she delivered this response. If you have, you know just what I'm talking about. Part incredulity, part absurdity, all humor.

Then again, she is a woman of her word. And her words were, one day -- perhaps in a fit of pre-opening confusion -- that if she made it through the Grand Opening weekend, alive and intact, then she would try climbing the wall.

I needn't say more. Below is the proof.

That nervous fellow belaying the museum director is the one and only Doug Skiba, Development Director for the CMC, and the only soul in whose hands Nina would trust her life.

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