By the Numbers: Some statistics on your Museum

If you've received your copy of this season's Trail & Timberline, you've probably seen some of the statistics on the museum. And, you're probably waiting anxiously to hear just how many contour steps there are on the Mt. Everest model.

Well, there are so many, and it's making so many people cross-eyed trying to count them that the numbers aren't in yet. In the mean time, try to guess how many there are on our poll, found on the upper right hand side of the blog.

Are you as stumped as this guy? Try to guess the number of contour steps on Mt. Everest in our poll, on the upper right.

Here are some other interesting facts about the museum--by the numbers:

Number of tons of structures, interactives kiosks, and graphic panels in the museum (not including the rock formations)

Number of man-hours (over 5 weeks) to complete installation

Number of light bulbs, most of which are metal halide lamps, lowering electricity consumption by approximately 65%

Number of tractor trailer trucks it took to haul all of the materials and displays from Quatrefoil Associates headquarters in Laurel, Maryland

Number of dollars, in millions, budgeted for the design and build of the museum

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