Museum Director Takes a Hike

It is a sad day at the museum. Nina Johnson, the museum's founding director, has taken a position at the University of New Mexico College of Fine Arts.

It was less than a month ago that she was hiking with bears on Lumpy Ridge near Estes Park. It was just last week that she was tubing down Clear Creek in Golden. She took two runs down the river--the first being very unpleasant for her, as this photo would indicate.

With a deft understanding of the established practices of the museum world, yet with the ability to see the margins and their benefits, Nina was able to balance what was standard or expected, with a bit of the unexpected, and a bit of the dynamic and challenging. She took what was a lagging museum project and turned it into a world-class institution. We cannot say enough about the style, class, kindness, and friendship that Nina brought to her role as Museum Director. She is also world-class.

We wish her luck in the dessicated wasteland of New Mexico.

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